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The Resilience Effect Evaluation

A Black male doctor holding a stethoscope to a brown-skinned child's heart. Both the child and his light-skinned mother behind him are smiling.




Stephanie Guinosso and Ifeoma Udoh


The Resilience Effect is Genentech’s flagship philanthropic initiative committed to addressing childhood adversity and its negative effects on health and well-being, with a focus on children under the age of five and their caregivers. Genentech has invested more than $20 million to advance the healthcare field’s understanding of early exposure to toxic stress, develop new models that bridge pediatrics with community resources, and shift the policy landscape. Genentech has contracted with ETR (Education, Training, and Research Associates) as an external evaluation partner to document the impact of this initiative and identify areas of improvement in Genentech’s philanthropic giving approach on developing trauma-informed systems and clinical care.

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