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SFUSD: Youth Risk Behavior Survey


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / SFUSD



Funding Duration

August 2018 - July 2023

Project Lead

Susana Tat


ETR serves as subcontractor for SFUSD to complete its CDC Grant Promoting Adolescent Health through School-Based HIV Prevention (CDC-RFA-PS18-1807) Component 1: School-based Surveillance Specific. The purpose of this funding is to improve youth health and well-being of by working with educators, health agencies, and other organizations to reduce HIV, STD, teen pregnancy, and related risk behaviors among middle and high school students. In this partnership, ETR coordinates Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) administration, conducts data analysis, and disseminates survey results to key stakeholders. In addition, ETR administers the School Health Profiles survey to principals and lead health educators at SFUSD middle and high schools to assess school health policies and practices.


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