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SFUSD: Foster Youth Services




Shira Andron, Foster Youth Services Coordinator

Funding Duration

July 2005 - June 2020 (renewed annually since 2005)

Project Lead

Seow Ling Ong


The San Francisco Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) recognizes the school as a community of support for youth in foster care and focuses on supporting placement stability and permanence as a means to strengthen the resolve and ability of youth to complete their elementary and secondary education, obtain a high school diploma, and develop post-secondary educational and/or vocational goals. FYSCP works collaboratively with youth in foster care, their caregivers, schools, placing agencies, and other service providers. Youth in foster care are likely to suffer interruptions and gaps in their education due to abuse, neglect and/or violence in the family of origin; frequent changes of home and school placement; and/or emotional and behavioral problems. Youth in foster care may also lose their support systems as a result of transitions between placements and school settings.

ETR provides research and evaluation services to FYSCP, including: (1) compiling a census of foster youth twice annually; (2) analyzing school attendance data for participating students; and (3) administering participant reaction surveys and analyzing resulting data from students who received intensive case management services.


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