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The Respect Workshop: Preventing Health Risks and Promoting Healthy Outcomes among LGBTQ Students

The Respect Workshop

Safe and Supportive Schools Project


American Psychological Association
(Supported with funding from CDC-DASH)

Funding Duration

April 2017 - May 2018


American Psychological Association


Debra Christopher, MS


Based on analysis of a formative evaluation, ETR training design specialists used ETR’s science-based Design for Learning process to update and refine the American Psychological Association Respect Workshop: Preventing Health Risks and Promoting Healthy Outcomes among LGBTQ Students. The workshop was developed for pre-service and in-service professional development targeting middle and high school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists and school social workers. The goal of the workshop is to enable school-based specialized support professionals to provide direct services and promote practices that encourage sexual health and responsibility among LGBTQ students. The learning process includes pre-work communications, a one-day training, and follow-up support guidance. Content for the learning process includes 1) foundational knowledge (terminology, addressing micro-aggressions), 2) data review (current data that support the need for supporting LGBTQ youth); 3) specific guidance for direct services that support LGBTQ youth; 4) skill practice; 5) promoting a protective school climate; and 6) taking action. Core elements used to guide the development of the training include the Theory of Planned Behavior, best practices for specialized support professionals, current empirical data and research findings related to LGBTQ youth, and science-based instructional design (ETR’s Design for Learning process). The workshop was developed in consultation with representatives of the targeted professions, public health officials, and organizations with specialized expertise in addressing the needs of LGBTQ youth.

Materials include a training manual, participant handouts, and participant packets.

Information about training is available by contacting the American Psychological Association, Safe and Supportive Schools Project.


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