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Oregon Reminders

Oregon Reminders

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Oregon Health Authority

Funding Duration

September 2019 - December 2020


Bhupendra Sheoran

Primary Contact Name

Laiah Idelson


Oregon Reminders is a mobile health (mHealth) program that provides a private, secure way for people to set their own health reminders, created in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority.

By visiting, Oregonians can sign up for reminder messages and health tips via text, email, or voice messages. Oregon Reminders is free and confidential. Users can easily customize the frequency or content of their reminders to suit their medical needs. In 2020, Oregon Reminders will offer condom delivery and content in Spanish. YTH Initiative has led this work since 2012. YTH Initiative manages the content development, message dissemination, and marketing efforts for Oregon Reminders.


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