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CDC Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention Capacity Building Project

A hand in black and white, held up and open, with a stop sign in red on the palm that reads, 'Stop HIV.'

ETR built and managed the Capacity Building Resource Center (CRC), an online resource designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) providers and CDC’s Capacity Building Branch (CBB) key staff, with the goal of improving the delivery and effectiveness of HIV prevention services provided to the nation’s workforce who serve populations at risk for HIV.

The interactive, password-protected website allowed CBA Providers access to timely CDC news alerts and documents related to public health and included a resource library, webinars, CBA provider directory and e-learning courses. Center staff coordinated and archived monthly CBA Network calls; ensured quality of materials through review, assessment and approval by CDC; and completed a yearly assessment of current and future TA needs for CRC services.

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