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Communities Energized for Health (CEH)

Communities Energized for Health (CEH)


California Department of Public Health, Tobacco Control Program


Nicole Morgan, MPH


The CEH (Communities Energized for Health) project addresses exposure to secondhand smoke where Californians live, work, and play.

Objective 1, the primary objective of this project: a minimum of four (4) jurisdictions within Yolo and/or Tehama counties will adopt and implement a legislated policy designating all outdoor common areas and 100% of indoor individual units (including balconies and patios) in multi-unit housing (MUH) complexes as entirely smoke-free.

Objective 3: a minimum of four (4) health care facilities will adopt and implement a voluntary tobacco-free campus policy; and/or adopt and implement a voluntary policy for comprehensive screening/assessment and referral to evidence-based cessation programs and supports such as Kick It California.

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