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About ETR

Our Mission: Improve the health and well-being of youth and communities by championing science.‚Äč

ETR envisions a world where all individuals and communities achieve their best health. We are driven by our mission to improve health and well-being for youth and communities by championing science.

ETR embraces the purposeful inclusion of all people as a means to honor and respect difference, and to elevate the strengths brought by diversity of experience, perspective, and expertise.

Our multidisciplinary staff of health educators, program developers, trainers, curriculum specialists, writers, editors, graphic artists, librarians, publication and distribution experts, technologists and social scientists work to transform outcomes in four areas:

Our Values

Partners in the Fight for Health Equity
We are part of a movement to improve health and education outcomes for all communities.

Science Is Foundational
We believe in grounding our work in science that is transdisciplinary and rigorous.

Diversity + Inclusion
We believe everyone should have the same access and opportunities in life.

Integrity + Excellence
We don’t take the easy way out; our science-based solutions are tested and vetted.

Responsive to Emerging Needs + Trends
We innovate and respond with new and tailored products and services.

Enthusiasm for What Lies Ahead
We focus forward, not rest on the body of our current work.

ETR Leadership Team

Vignetta Charles
Chief Executive Officer

Madhuri Jha
Vice President of Science, Equity & Integration

Eric Blanke
Chief Operating Officer

Coleen Cantwell
Vice President, Business Development

Dana Hawkins
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Everett
Chief People & Culture Officer

Gabrielle Chew
Vice President of Public Affairs

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors come from across the nation to provide assistance and oversight to ETR's mission and work. Board members reflect diverse professional expertise, as well as ETR's diverse constituencies.

ETR Board Chair

Marguerita Lightfoot, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
OHSU-PSU School of Public Health

ETR Board Vice Chair

Colleen Z. Gregerson
Philanthropy Advisor

ETR Board Treasurer

Douglas Call
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

ETR Board Secretary

Pedro Arista, MPH
Senior Director, Hirsch Philanthropy Partners

Andrew D. Forsyth, PhD
Independent Consultant

Anthony Sis, MEd
Management Consultant, Accenture

Camila Rodriguez-Rojas, MPH
Tropical Medicine Candidate
Department of Tropical Medicine
Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Dafina M. Ward, JD
Executive Director, Southern AIDS Coalition

Donna Sherard
Founder/Chief Changer, Changeable

Gregg Alton

Karen Rayne, PhD
Executive Director

Miriam Warren
Chief Diversity Officer

Morey Riordan
Principal, Riordan Strategies
Transgender Strategy Center

Paurvi Bhatt, MPH
Independent Board Member, Healthcare Executive
ThirdEyeFocus, CEO+ Founder

ETR is a 501 (c) 3    EIN #94-2760764

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