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K–12 Health Education That Works!

Why Choose HealthSmart

What makes HealthSmart a great choice for schools?

Stakeholder engagement is critical to inform the health education selection process. HealthSmart is a great choice for students, schools and communities for the following reasons:

  • HealthSmart is a flexible and customizable health education curriculum with over 400 lessons that focus on building the health-related skills that students need.
  • The curriculum covers your health education needs, including skills-based lessons on nutrition and physical activity, emotional and mental health, violence and injury prevention, anatomy, puberty, personal health, and other topics.
  • HealthSmart allows school districts the autonomy for local decision-making to ensure all lessons align to state and local policies. You can select the lesson plans you want to use and opt out of any that don’t meet your needs.
  • HealthSmart meets national and state health education standards.
  • Schools can select digital or print versions of the teacher and student resources, allowing for flexibility in the classroom.
  • HealthSmart is easy for teachers to implement. It is organized with clear learning objectives and includes helpful resources.
  • Teachers can receive training and professional development on how to best implement HealthSmart.

HealthSmart supports teachers to feel confident in providing high-quality health education to the students in their community!

Is your school or district considering adopting a new health education curriculum? Request this content, Why Choose HealthSmart in a PDF Format.