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For Teachers

HealthSmart empowers educators to guide their students toward acquisition of skills to support a lifelong path of health literacy.

HealthSmart is one of the most up to date and medically accurate health curricula available for schools today. Every lesson plan is a detailed teaching script that includes everything a teacher needs to support student success in the classroom.

What materials come with the curriculum?

The lessons are available in both print and digital formats. Review and teach the lessons from your copy of the print edition book or access the lessons online with a digital edition subscription. Online lessons link directly to slides, keys, masters, scoring rubrics and other teacher materials. Print edition users can access these teacher materials online.

The PowerPoint slides are used to present key concepts, prompt discussion and guide group activities include all the notes for the lesson, making it easy to present the lesson in both in-person and virtual classrooms.

Printed student workbooks for Grade 3 through High School provide students with all of the reading and activity sheets used in the program. Having their own printed and bound workbooks can help ensure student engagement and provide educators with a complete portfolio of student work for review and assessment. Student workbooks include both formative and summative assessments that are aligned to standards and are available in both English and Spanish. With the digital format, teachers can download fillable PDFs of reading and activity sheets, or have students complete assignments online directly in the school's learning management system.

Does HealthSmart include assessment tools to use with students? 

Yes. As standards become more and more embedded in the fabric of health education, teachers need a way to evaluate students’ work and show that the learning objectives were truly met. 

Each unit in the Teacher Guides for Grades K–2 includes a Portfolio Checklist that lists evidence of student progress, and Grades 3–5 include individual Student Workbooks that serve as a record of student achievement. The Assessment Evidence provided for each lesson links the lesson objectives to specific activities, practice sessions, activity sheets and projects completed within the lesson. 

In Middle and High School, objectives for each lesson are linked to clearly identified teaching steps and the corresponding student activity sheets and other performance tasks. Assessment rubrics at these upper grade levels provide scoring guidance to ensure that student mastery can be assessed for every lesson objective. In addition, each subject module in Middle and High School culminates with two overall assessment activities: a written assessment of content and concepts, and a performance task that provides authentic assessment of content and skills through a creative individual or group project. 

Will HealthSmart work with my school's LMS?

HealthSmart is fully compatible with learning management systems by meeting rigorous Learning Tools Interoperability standards including LTI 1.3. HealthSmart integrated digital provides ease of use for educators while also ensuring accessibility for all students with:

  • Easy sign-on with school district credentials
  • Point-and-click assignment of student activities
  • Tracking and reporting on student learning
  • ADA-compliant and fully responsive student materials

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