ETR's Youth Engagement Network (YEN) wants to increase the number of young people who are effectively engaged in sexual health programs and services by bringing together a core group of organizations and youth partners with national and global expertise in youth engagement, adolescent health, health equity, trauma-informed and healing-centered approaches, communication, network engagement, sexual health services and education, and developmental science.


The Youth Engagement Network (YEN) envisions that all young people, and particularly those who experience systemic marginalization or discrimination, have the ability and opportunity to be meaningfully and equitably engaged in the programs, policies, and systems that affect their lives and communities.


Resources for our most vital resource: Our youth

YEN's resources serve as a support service for our partners and beyond. Here you can find tools, ideas, and research that may be helpful to your organization.



Meaningful youth engagement enhances the work of ACT for Youth by creating opportunities for youth to make decisions, take on responsibilities, and contribute to improving outcomes for themselves and others.

ACT for Youth

The ACT (Assets Coming Together) for Youth Center for Community Action promotes positive youth outcomes and works to reduce risky behavior among youth by advancing the principles of positive youth development and supporting the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based programming


Because when we shift the conversation with youth from ‘What happened to you?’ to ‘What’s right with you?’ we center the right  for young people and their families to heal.

Flourish Agenda

Flourish Agenda is a national nonprofit consulting firm that works with youth of color, schools, youth-serving organizations, foundations, and local governments to build and implement strategies that allow young people to flourish.


Young people have the right to be heard and make decisions about their own lives and communities. Traditional approaches in the youth sector often see young people as participants and beneficiaries. Restless Development believes that young people, in all their diversity and experience, hold power and are experts in their own right. Committing to meaningful youth engagement means committing to shifting power within your own organization and community so that young people can collaborate, transform and be true partners in the work that you do.

Restless Development

Restless Development(RD) has been working with young people for 35 years so that they can lead in solving the world’s most pressing challenges.


At iOpening Enterprises meaningful youth engagement means supporting the whole youth...who they are from their core identity to who they want to be as their core purpose in life.

iOpening Enterprises

iOpening Enterprises (iOE) is a professional development and media company that specializes in translating psychological science into practical wellness tools for organizations and youth.


Meaningful youth engagement is at the core of ICRW’s work with youth.  Youth voice and agency are central to our research, programs, and policies for gender equity, and aim to incorporate the unique needs of young people all over the world. We strive to be not only inclusive of young people in our efforts but let youth shine in leadership and participatory roles as researchers, program designers and advocates.

International Center for Research on Women

International Center for Research on Women(ICRW) is a non-profit global research institute employing technical gender experts, social scientists, economists, public health specialists, and anthropologists who combine advocacy, research, and data analysis with field experience.


Meaningful youth engagement is important to our work so that we don't perpetuate adultist, oppressive structures in the sexual and reproductive health and social justice fields.

Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health

The Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) is a statewide nonprofit that mobilizes youth voices, engages community partners, and informs decision-makers to advance sexual health, identities, and rights. 


Meaningful engagement places youth in the drivers' seat of creating, planning, and dissemination of interventions designed to improve their health outcomes. Meaningful engagement gives young people the opportunity to make educated decisions that affect their health.

Teen Health Mississippi

Teen Health Mississippi (THMS) is a statewide sexual health and rights organization in the state of Mississippi that works to build the capacity of youth and youth-serving adults to promote sustainable health equity models in underserved communities.


Meaningful youth engagement means creating a safe space for youth to find their voice and feel confident in using it to advocate for themselves. This is important in our work because we believe that when youth are heard as stakeholders of their own life experiences, more sustainable and impactful solutions come to life.

National Health Foundation

National Health Foundation (NHF) is a nonprofit that works within underserved Southern California communities to identify and advance solutions that remove barriers and promote health for all. NHF embraces a guiding philosophy that health begins where we live, learn, work and play.



JASMYN supports and empowers LGBTQ young people by creating safe space, providing health and wholeness services, and offering youth development opportunities, while bringing people and resources together to promote equality and human rights.