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Online, Self-Paced Training of Educators

This training gives educators the knowledge and skills to implement the Respecting the Circle of Life curriculum effectively and with a high degree of fidelity. Educators can work through the e-learning modules at their own pace, with plenty of reinforcement and opportunities for review along the way.

Training Objectives

As a result of this training, educators will be able to: 

  1. Share accurate information related to:
    • Key findings from student outcomes of the RCL evaluation
    • STD, HIV and pregnancy facts
    • STD, HIV and pregnancy prevention methods
    • Adolescent risk behaviors for pregnancy, STD and HIV
  2. Increase student proficiency to:
    • Utilize assertive communication and refusal skills
    • Utilize decision-making skills
    • Assess short- and long-term goals
    • Assess personal values
    • Assess and avoid risky situations
    • Avoid sex or say no to unprotected sex
    • Obtain and use condoms and other methods of contraception
  3. Effectively use the following teaching strategies:
    • Group Agreements
    • Brainstorming
    • Roleplay
    • Small-group work
    • Working with guest speakers
    • Large-group discussion
    • Answering student questions accurately and sensitively.
  4. Model RCL lessons and activities with fidelity.
  5. Identify the impact of personal values on teaching.
  6. Determine acceptable adaptations to the curriculum.
  7. Identify potential barriers and potential solutions for implementing RCL.
  8. Create an action plan to implement RCL.