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Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works


Implementation Guidelines

Number of Lessons

The Get Real Middle School curriculum is designed to be implemented with 9 sequential classes per year for 3 years while students are in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades, and the lessons are designed to be age appropriate for these particular grades. The Get Real high school curriculum is designed to be implemented with 11 sequential classes during one school year while students are in the ninth or tenth grade. While schools should use their judgment and discretion about what will serve their students best, altering the lesson sequence, changing the lessons, or omitting lessons or activities, may affect the behavior-change outcomes around which the curriculum is designed.


Each Get Real lesson is designed to be taught in 45–55 minutes. If classes are generally taught during longer blocks, the lessons can be expanded through prolonged discussion or review of anonymous questions. However, it will be difficult to implement the classes in less than 45 minutes each without substantial changes to the lessons. If necessary, two lessons may be taught in a 90-minute block.

Class Size

In order to best facilitate group work and discussion, the optimal class size for teaching Get Real is 18–25 students.

Setting & Materials

Get Real lessons should be taught in a classroom setting, either in school or out of school, with a dry-erase board or blackboard and room to post student work. All other materials required are listed on the first page of each lesson.