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1. Planned Parenthood Chat/Text: Changing Sexual Health Outcomes Through Texting

By Nicole Levitz, MPH | August 3, 2017
Associate Director of Digital Health Education, Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“Meet people where they are.”

As sex educators we spend an enormous amount of time talking about this concept. It might mean starting with the basics, but it also means bringing interventions to folks, not just expecting them to come to us. That’s why Planned Parenthood developed and evaluated Chat/Text.

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, STD prevention, Pregnancy prevention, Birth control, Texting, Innovation, Technology, Adolescents
2. The ABC’s of TOF’s: Keeping New Teachers Trained on a Sexual Health Curriculum

By Diana Andrews | June 27, 2017
PREP Program Manager, Garfield County PREP

I thought the really hard work had already been done. Three years ago, when I became the PREP Program Manager for Garfield County, Colorado, my predecessor had already gotten so many things accomplished. As impressive as her achievements were, however, it turns out that may have been the easy part!

Tags: Adolescent health, Sexual and reproductive health, School health, Pregnancy prevention, Rural communities, Schools
3. Thriving Communities, Empowered Youth: Making Teen Pregnancy Prevention Work

By Shaunae Motley | June 20, 2017
Director of Programs, Quest for Change

Every May, our communities mark National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. It’s a fine opportunity to reflect on the difference prevention work makes in the lives of young people. Since peaking in 1991, teen births have dropped 64%. This historic decline includes significant progress in all 50 states and among all racial and ethnic groups.

However, despite these advances, disparities continue to exist—by age, race and ethnicity, geography and among youth from low-income families. 

Tags: Pregnancy prevention, Rural communities, Adolescents, Youth voice, Peer education, Adolescent health
4. Re:MIX: Genuine Innovation in a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program

By Mandy Ackerman, LMSW, MPH & Jenifer DeAtley, LMSW | June 14, 2017
Senior Program Coordinator & Director of U.S. Programs, EngenderHealth

Here’s a story that gives us chills—the good kind. A group of our peer educators presented a plenary at a local conference. They shared their personal stories before an audience of about 100 youth-serving professionals from the Central Texas community.

These peer educators are all young mothers. 

Tags: Teen moms, Teen parents, Pregnancy prevention, Peer education, Sexual and reproductive health, Adolescent health
5. Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Sharing Success Stories

By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES | April 7, 2017
Senior Editor, ETR

Teen pregnancy rates are down. A wide range of statistics and figures show this. If you work in the field of adolescent health, you’ve certainly already heard this news.

Think for a moment about how you hold that information in your mind. Perhaps you remember the rate of births per 1,000 females aged 15-19 years. You might think about a national map that shows state rankings in teen birth rates. Maybe colorful bar graphs or pie charts come to mind.

Tags: Pregnancy prevention, Storytelling, Adolescents
By Marcia Quackenbush, MS, MFT, MCHES
6. Innovation in Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Live Your Best Life AHORA!

By Lizanne Reynolds, JD | January 30, 2017

I am excited to be working on a new dfusion program called Live Your Best Life AHORA! This is an innovative teen pregnancy prevention and sexual risk reduction program for rural Hispanic youth and their parents in California’s Central Valley. Our program partner is the California Health Collaborative (CHC), which has worked closely with the community for many years to promote healthy practices.

Tags: Pregnancy prevention, Adolescent health, Sexual risk reduction, Rural communities, Evidence-based interventions
7. Global Determinants in Adolescent Childbearing: Powerful New Study on Social Determinants

By Vignetta Charles, PhD | November 15, 2016
Chief Science Officer, ETR

ETR is thrilled to see a new article, just released today. It is published by our close colleague, Dr. John Santelli, and his team at Columbia Mailman School of Public Health. The Santelli team’s comprehensive work demonstrates that when we narrow income inequality and increase opportunities for education, we positively affect youth health and wellbeing. The study explicitly links increases in investment in education to declines in teen childbearing.

Santelli JS, Song X, Garbers S, Sharma V, Viner RM (2016). Global trends in adolescent fertility, 1990-2012, in relation to national wealth, income inequalities, and educational expenditures. Journal of Adolescent Health. In press. Published online (15 November 2016).

Tags: Sexual and reproductive health, Social determinants of health, Pregnancy prevention, Adolescent health, Global issues
By Vignetta Charles, PhD
8. Spreading the Message: Dual Contraceptive Method Use Among Teens

By ETR | November 4, 2016

Two heads are better than one! It’s an old but familiar adage. We have an updated version we’d like to suggest: two contraceptives are better than one.

ETR researchers have just published an article in The Journal of Primary Prevention that examines the frequency of dual contraceptive use among youth in alternative schools. Information about this population is particularly important because they are more likely than other youth to engage in risky sexual behaviors. To date, there has been no research examining dual use contraception in this group.

Coyle, K.C., Peterson, A.J., Franks, H.M., Anderson, P.M., Glassman, J.R. (2016). Dual contraceptive method use among youth in alternative schools. The Journal of Primary Prevention 37(5). Published online October 31, 2016.

Tags: Contraception, Dual use contraception, Alternative school youth, Sexual and reproductive health, Pregnancy prevention, STD prevention
9. Improving Early Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Identifying Risk Classes & Outcome Markers

By Jill Glassman, PhD | September 20, 2016
Senior Research Associate, ETR

The field of teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) has experienced some impressive achievements over the past decades. By examining the evidence from evaluation studies, we’ve been able to identify programs showing effectiveness in reducing sexual risk taking among broadly defined populations of at-risk youth. ETR scientist Dr. Douglas Kirby was instrumental in developing and disseminating a list of effective characteristics for sexual health education programs, and in disseminating information about risk and protective factors that are key to our understanding of how these programs work.

The majority of these TPP programs originally were developed for high-school-age youth. More recently, however, there has been a shift to earlier pregnancy prevention efforts focusing on younger adolescents (10-14 year olds). Fewer of these youth are already engaging in the targeted sexual risk behaviors.

Tags: Research, Pregnancy prevention, Adolescents, Risk reduction
By Jill Glassman, PhD
10. Including LGBTQ Youth in Pregnancy Prevention: How to Make It Work

By Cassidey Streber, MA | August 25, 2016
Program Coordinator, Youth Services of Tulsa, Adolescent Health/PregNOT

A student I’ll call Shay came in and sat at the back of my classroom. It was the first class meeting. Other students came bounding in, adding a bit of lively chaos to the mix.

I surveyed the students as they settled and we got started. I took note of Shay in particular. Shoulders up. Sighing. Arms crossed. Uncrossed. Looking out the window. Scribbling on a piece of paper. Not interacting with other students. Not looking at me. Not really there.

And then, as we got into the lesson, something happened. Shay sat up and began to watch me. Eyes furrowed, then a smile, then—amazingly—a question and comment from this student. Shay had become part of the class and was engaged in the lesson.

I know exactly what brought Shay into the process. In my language and the activities I brought to the class, I was offering a setting that was inclusive, authentic and safe for students of any sexual identity or gender. Shay, a student from the LGBTQ community, experienced the class as relevant and welcoming.

Webinar from OAH on LGBTQ Inclusivity

Cassidey Streber was one of the presenters in a recent webinar hosted by the Office of Adolescent Health. It is called, “How to Make it Happen: LGBTQ Inclusivity.” You can find links to the slides, audio recording and written transcript here. (Scroll down to June 2, 2016.)

Tags: LGBTQ youth, Inclusivity, Pregnancy prevention, Sexual and reproductive health

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