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Partnering Up for School Success: Getting More Physical Activity Into the Mix
September 13, 2016
Partnering Up for School Success: Getting More Physical Activity Into the Mix

By Kymm Ballard, EdD | September 13, 2016
Executive Director, SPARK

Ask an educator, “What do you most want for your students?” Chances are the answer will be, “Success.”

The math teacher wants students to master the concepts in the semester’s curriculum. The health education teacher wants students to learn how to establish healthy habits and make good choices about risks. The PE teacher might focus on building sports skills and encouraging a commitment to lifelong physical activity. The principal might address a combination of academic learning and positive social connection.

I’ve worked as an educator, and been working around educators, for a long time. My interest in physical education and healthy students spans my entire career. When I hear educators describe what they see as student success, I want to shout out, “Physical activity is linked to all of these frameworks. It makes sense for you and every other educator to support more physical activity in your students lives!”

And that means making it part of every student’s experience at school, all through the day, every day.

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What Men's Health Crisis?
May 26, 2015
What Men's Health Crisis?

By Anne Freiwald, MPH | May 26, 2015
Founder, MenNavigate

“I feel like I’m having a heart attack.” That’s what he told people throughout the day that would be his last.

At 57, my dad was just 3 years away from retirement. He was an avid surfer, kayaker and cyclist. He was a beloved teacher and vice-principal at the school right around the corner from his home. He was ready for the sweet life he had worked so hard to create.

He never dreamed his life would be cut short, especially by a heart attack he knew he was having. He didn’t realize that his decision to “sleep it off” and find a doctor in the morning would have such tragic consequences for him, his family, friends and community.

His story is not uncommon. 

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