Beverly Iniguez-Conrique, BA

Beverly Iniguez-Conrique, BA

Research Assistant III

(831) 438-4060 x253


Beverly Iniguez-Conrique joined ETR in 2016. Prior to coming to ETR, she immersed herself in cognitive, developmental and social psychology research as an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) and as a research intern at UCLA during the summers. She worked in Dr. Margaret Wilson’s Visual Cognition Lab at UCSC, and is an alumnus of Dr. Zili Liu’s Perceptual Processing and Computation and Drs. Graham and Juvonen’s Middle School/High School Diversity Project Labs at UCLA. She also completed an honors thesis in social psychology with Drs. Craig Haney and Joanna Weill at UCSC. She presented her honors thesis findings at the 16th Annual Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference, and received UCSC Deans’ and Chancellor’s Awards for this work. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from UCSC in June 2016, and now enjoys hands-on work in applied research and evaluation across her projects at ETR.

When she’s not at work, her hobbies include listening to podcasts, compulsively reading, and watching and re-watching old and new seasons of Survivor.

Current Projects

  • Career Technical Education: Community College Information Technology Study
  • Making Healthy Decisions Evaluation