Reproductive Anatomy & Sexual Health; PowerPoint USB Drive

Understanding reproductive anatomy provides a vital foundation for learning about sexual health, pregnancy and birth control, and disease prevention. Knowing the basics of reprodutive anatomy can help people make informed decisions about abstinence,contraception, vaccinations, regular heatlh exams and how to have safer sex.

This PowerPoint presentation provides easily accessible information on some of the changes that take place during puberty, the basic facts about reproduction, and how to take care of sexual health over a lifetime. The flash drive includes two presentations: one in English and one in Spanish. Each presentation has informative color slides with embedded notes for presenters. This PowerPoint:  

  • Presents general information about the changes that take place during puberty and the development of the reproductive system
  • Provides basic facts about male and female anatomy
  • Describes the process of fertilization and how birth control prevents it
  • Clarifies some of the ways to promote sexual health, including vaccinations, regular exams and practicing safer sex
Product Set: English
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