Protocol Number: ATN146

Title of Study: Tailored Motivational Interviewing Implementation Intervention Effectiveness Trial in Multidisciplinary Adolescent HIV Care Settings.

Project Lead: Sylvie Naar

Intervention Description: Coded recordings of patient-provider interactions and standard patient development (pilot study); Qualitative interviews with providers and key stakeholders. Development of the iTEAM, adapt intervention based on exploration phase. Face-to-face workshop followed by trigger-based coaching using item response theory developed coding tool; ongoing adaptation by iTEAM to promote adherence. Communities of practice, internal facilitation.

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Protocol Number: ATN145

Title of Study: Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Clinic-Based Delivery of an HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for YMSM

Project Lead: Tyrel Starks

Intervention Description: Four sessions delivered either in the clinic or by phone that integrate motivational interviewing (MI), personalized feedback, and problem-solving skills to reduce condomless anal sex and substance use. Serves young men with negative HIV serostatus.

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Protocol Number: ATN144

Title of Study: Adaptive Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Interventions for Youth Living with HIV through Text Messaging and Cell Phone Support Embedded within the Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) Design

Project Leads: Marvin Belzer & Karen MacDonell

Intervention Description: A 24-week program to support youth living with HIV (YLH) to adhere to antiretroviral therapy via randomized assignment to cell phone support or text message reminders. The stepped up program provides additional support for YLH when phone or text support is not enough.

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Protocol Number: ATN156

Title of Study: We Test

Project Leads: Tyrel Starks & Sarah Feldstein Ewing

Intervention Description: This study seeks to develop and examine the additive benefits of two adjunct components for Couples HIV Testing and Counseling (CHTC) specifically tailored for use with adolescent (aged 15-19) same-sex male couples. Adjunct components include video-based communication skills training viewed together by the couple before their CHTC session and individually delivered goals clarification and communication planning sessions conducted prior to completing CHTC together.

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