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Learn more about the principal investigator on the Scale It Up project, as well as the co-investigators at the study level.


Discover which studies and sub-studies are being implemented on the Scale It Up project.


Find out about the three cores supporting the Scale It Up project, including their descriptions, purposes, aims, and leads.

Goals & Specific Aims

Scale It Up has assembled research teams who are developing, testing, and bringing to practice self-management interventions that positively impact the youth HIV prevention and care cascades. We are achieving these goals by:

  1. Designing, conducting, and evaluating self-management interventions, grounded in the 5-component Self-Management Model and expeditiously moving them into practice.
  2. Developing, deploying, and disseminating new methods for implementation and implementation analysis with a strong theoretical foundation (EPIS).
  3. Engaging with the other funded U19s to identify additional opportunities to advance the fields of implementation science and self-management science.


A number of organizations are working together to move the Scale It Up project forward. See the full list below.