Smart Solutions|School Health Newsletter

Smart Solutions|School Health is a unique resource tailored for the busy lives of K-12 school administrators, teachers and other staff. Our goal is to provide you with a different kind of bi-monthly newsletter—relevant, succinct and practical—that can contribute to a dynamic and useful conversation about issues that matter to you and your work.

You won’t find anything else quite like it. In each issue, we share current articles and reports from the field that are especially relevant to students' health, and offer expert analysis and opinions from ETR staff and our extensive network of clients and colleagues.

We invite you to take a few minutes for a good read that can keep you abreast of what's happening in the field and support your efforts toward helping your students succeed and thrive.

August 2014

My Take: Pay more attention to relationships, help prevent STD; Training Matters: Success isn’t always quantifiable; Amazing Brain Science: Great brain reads; School Report: Great organizations building stronger students; Facilitation Quick Tips: Your participants are groupies!

May 2014

My Take: Student Wellness Succeeds; Amazing Brain Science: Beware Folk Neuroscience; Cool Tools: Good Resources to Address Cyberbullying; School Report: Free Test Drive of HealthSmart; Facilitation Quick Tips: Quotables

March 2014

My Take: Online Learning and the Future of School Health Education; Amazing Brain Science: Childhood Trama and Lifelong Health; Cool Tools: Apps and Chats and Answers; School Report: Working with NYC's Leadership Group

February 2014

My Take: Going Intergenerational—Our Next Chapter in Leadership; What's Up ETR? Quarterly Review, How Children Learn; Cool Tools: Teach Kids the Importance of Sleep; School Report: HealthSmart and Standards Alignments, Supporting LGBTQ Youth

January 2014

My Take: Believing in Young People; What's Up, ETR? Quarterly Review; School Report: Working WISE-ly to Boost Comprehensive Sexuality Education; Research to Practice: Help Those Kids Get Some Sleep! Free Fact Sheet: Bullying

November 2013

My Take: What Does Making a Difference Look Like?; What's Up, ETR? Health Education and Common Core; School Report: ETR's New Reproductive Health Curriculum Supplement; Research to Practice: Give Me the Good News First; Free HealthSmart Foundation Book for Middle or High School

October 2013

My Take: Students Are the Experts on Their Own Lives; School Report: ETR Awarded CDC Grant for School-Based HIV Prevention; Research to Practice: Help Others, Live Longer; Free eBook: Step by Step to Coordinated School Health

September 2013

My Take: Queering the YRBS; School Report: HealthSmart Lesson Planning Tool; Research to Practice: Sports and Mental Health

August 2013

My Take: Building Comprehensive School Health; School Report: Planning for Next Year; Research to Practice: Mindfulness and PTSD, Sleep and Weight