Live Virtual Trainings

Unlike traditional webinars, ETR’s live virtual trainings offer you the opportunity to:

Engage in meaningful pre-work to prime you for the training

Interact in real-time with the trainer and colleagues

Receive follow-up support that includes resources to facilitate growth offering CHES/MCHES credits!

Upcoming Live Virtual Trainings From ETR

Cultural Humility

By engaging in the practice of cultural humility, which incorporates openness, self-awareness, and self-reflection in interactions with diverse individuals, youth-serving professionals can increase their self-awareness, examine personal biases, and enhance their communication skills, strengthening their ability to provide culturally appropriate services for diverse and vulnerable youth.

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Affirmative Consent

Cultural perspectives, organizational policies and local and national laws are changing to embrace the principle of Affirmative Consent. A culture of consent is one in which it is the norm, not the exception for all persons to obtain consent prior to sexual experiences. This live virtual training will allow participants to explore their role in facilitating a culture of consent and provide scenario-based examples to troubleshoot challenges that may occur with this paradigm shift.

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LGBTQ Inclusivity

For many young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, schools present as an important opportunity to create a safe and inclusive space for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. This live virtual training will help participants describe pertinent language and concepts to better facilitate an inclusive environment and will lend strategies for making our classrooms and school environment more supportive of all youth.

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