About HealthSmart

HealthSmart is a comprehensive K–12 health education program.

The ultimate goal of the HealthSmart program is to promote the healthy growth and development of youth and give them the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and establish life-long healthy behaviors. Schools can teach the comprehensive program, or select only the grades and/or subjects they need.

HealthSmart is grounded in sound educational and behavioral theory. It focuses on the primary areas of risk for children and adolescents identified and monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). HealthSmart meets the National Health Education Standards, and reflects the characteristics of effective health education curricula defined by the CDC. It also incorporates key knowledge and skill expectations detailed in the CDC's Health Education Curriculum Analysis Tool (HECAT) for each grade level.

Lessons are designed to be easy to use, with clear, concise teaching steps focused on the essential concepts and skills that will enable students to develop, practice and support specific healthy behaviors. Activities are developmentally appropriate, challenge students in a variety of ways, and accommodate a range of learning styles.

Thank you again for your ongoing support in bringing this wonderful program to our schools!

—Francoise Schachner
Classroom Instructor
Port Jefferson School District, New York

HealthSmart is available in both print and digital editions.

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Print Edition

Grades K through 5 feature comprehensive teacher guides, along with a variety of colorful student and classroom resources.

The Middle and High School programs are modular in design, with subject-specific teacher guides and individual student workbooks in 6 key health content areas.

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Digital Edition

The Digital Edition of HealthSmart provides online access to the lessons and other teaching materials.

It features digital versions of the lessons for each grade level that link instantly to the relevant teacher resources and student materials. Student activity sheets are provided as fillable PDFs.

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Why It Works

Download the Foundation Book for your grade level to learn about how the program was developed and the educational premises on which it’s based.

Read More About It

These blog posts explain some of the unique aspects of the HealthSmart program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the print or digital edition best for me?
  • How does HealthSmart support teachers?
  • Does HealthSmart align with Common Core State Standards?

The answer to these questions - and many more - are available on our FAQs page.


ETR provides a 2-day HealthSmart training with a 1-day follow-up booster session. This is the ideal model for educators who are or will be implementing the HealthSmart program. For more information, visit the Training page.

Training page