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Unit Assessment 2: Read All About It: A Newsletter to Help Keep Teens off Drugs


In this culminating activity, students create a newsletter for middle school students who’ll be attending their high school next year. They’ll use the newsletter to share accurate, reliable information about drugs, summarize the harmful short- and long-term effects of alcohol and other drugs, explain factors influencing drug use, discuss the benefits of being drug free, and provide strategies for staying drug free. Students will independently review and research information for use in writing an article about one drug or group of drugs. The article will be peer reviewed by members of the group. Students will work together in cooperative groups to create the newsletter.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Provide accurate and reliable information about the negative physical, psychological and social effects of a particular type of drug.
  2. Analyze factors that influence choices around tobacco, alcohol and other drug use.
  3. Summarize the benefits of being drug free.
  4. Explain ways teens can resist pressure to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
  5. Access resources that provide valid health information.
  6. Use advocacy skills to help others be drug free.

Time: 120–180 minutes, over several classes

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