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Lesson 6: The Benefits of Quitting Tobacco Use


This lesson focuses on quitting the use of tobacco products. Students review reasons people choose not to vape or use other tobacco products and learn about the benefits of quitting. After discussing the power of nicotine addiction and how teens are susceptible, they work in small groups to read and teach each other about 5 keys to quitting. Then they complete an activity sheet in which they practice giving advice on how to stop using to a friend.

Note: If time is limited, the assessment activity sheet may be completed as homework.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Summarize why individuals choose not to vape or use other tobacco products.
  2. Summarize the health benefits of abstaining from or discontinuing all forms of tobacco use.
  3. Summarize how cessation programs can help people quit.
  4. Describe how the addiction to nicotine can be treated.
  5. Demonstrate appropriate ways to support people who are trying to stop vaping or using other tobacco products.

SEL Connection

  • social awareness

Time: 60 minutes

Healthy Behavior Outcomes

  • T-4: Support others to be tobacco free.
  • T-5: Quit using tobacco if already using.

National Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Comprehending Concepts
  • Performance Indicator 1.12.1: Predict how healthy behaviors can affect health status.
  • Performance Indicator 1.12.7: Compare and contrast the benefits of and barriers to practicing a variety of healthy behaviors.
  • Standard 4: Communication
  • Performance Indicator 4.12.4: Demonstrate how to ask for and offer assistance to enhance the health of self and others.
  • Standard 8: Advocacy
  • Performance Indicator 8.12.2: Demonstrate how to influence and support others to make positive health choices.
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