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Lesson 13: Making Decisions About Drugs


In this lesson, students learn decision-making skills that can help them avoid drug use. They read and analyze a story to identify the negative effects of club drugs and the decision points that led to negative outcomes. They learn the steps in a decision-making process. Then they use what they’ve learned to help the characters in the story make different decisions that protect their health and lead to a safer ending.

Note: If time is limited, the assessment activity sheet may be completed as homework.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Apply decision-making skills to situations involving drug use.

SEL Connection

  • responsible decision making

Time: 60 - 75 minutes

Healthy Behavior Outcomes

  • AOD-3: Avoid the use of alcohol.
  • AOD-4: Avoid the use of illegal drugs.
  • AOD-6: Avoid riding in a motor vehicle with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

National Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Comprehending Concepts
  • Performance Indicator 1.12.5: Propose ways to reduce or prevent injuries and health problems.
  • Performance Indicator 1.12.9: Analyze the potential severity of injury or illness if engaging in unhealthy behaviors
  • Standard 5: Decision Making
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.1: Examine barriers that can hinder healthy decision making.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.2: Determine the value of applying a thoughtful decision-making process in health-related situations.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.3: Justify when individual or collaborative decision making is appropriate.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.4: Generate alternatives to health-related issues or problems.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.5: Predict the potential short-term and long-term impact of each alternative on self and others.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.6: Defend the healthy choice when making decisions.
  • Performance Indicator 5.12.7: Evaluate the effectiveness of health-related decisions.
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