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Lessons > Grade 5 > Lesson 31
Lesson 31: When Friends & Family Use Alcohol


In this lesson, students explore how alcohol use by family and friends can cause difficulties for young people. They read some stories about kids who are affected by others’ alcohol use and summarize key points. They discuss the feelings young people may have when others drink, and read a second series of stories about different ways to get help for problems caused by others’ drinking. They list resources in their community that people can go to for help, then practice what they could say if they needed to approach one of these resources for help. They take home a family sheet to help them talk about adult use of alcohol with their parents or guardians.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe characteristics of appropriate and trustworthy sources of help with family alcohol problems.
  2. Demonstrate how to effectively ask for help with family alcohol problems.

SEL Connection

  • responsible decision making

Time: 45 minutes

Healthy Behavior Outcomes

  • AOD-3: Avoid the use of alcohol.
  • AOD-6: Avoid riding in a motor vehicle with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

National Health Education Standards

  • Standard 3: Accessing Resources
  • Performance Indicator 3.5.2: Locate resources from home, school, and community that provide valid health information.
  • Standard 4: Communication
  • Performance Indicator 4.5.4: Demonstrate how to ask for assistance to enhance personal health.
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