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Lessons > Grade 3 > Lesson 12
Lesson 12: Setting My Goal to Be Safety Smart


In this lesson, students set a goal to be safety smart. They complete a self-assessment of their safety behaviors to identify areas in which they can improve. They learn three questions to help them set a goal, then complete an activity sheet to set a specific goal around one of the safety smart areas they have studied, identify benefits of meeting this safety goal and monitor their progress toward the goal.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Set a realistic personal goal to avoid or reduce injury.
  2. Identify resources that can help achieve a personal goal to avoid or reduce injury.
  3. Track progress toward achieving a personal goal to avoid or reduce injury.

SEL Connection

  • self-management

Time: 45 minutes

Healthy Behavior Outcomes

  • S-1: Follow appropriate safety rules when riding in or on a motor vehicle.
  • S-3: Use safety equipment appropriately and correctly.
  • S-4: Apply safety rules and procedures to avoid risky behaviors and injury.
  • S-5: Avoid safety hazards in the home and community.

National Health Education Standards

  • Standard 6: Goal Setting
  • Performance Indicator 6.5.1: Set a personal health goal and track progress toward its achievement.
  • Performance Indicator 6.5.2: Identify resources to assist in achieving a personal health goal.
  • Standard 7: Practicing Health-Enhancing Behaviors
  • Performance Indicator 7.5.3: Demonstrate a variety of behaviors to avoid or reduce health risks.
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