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Lessons > Grade 2 > Lesson 7
Lesson 7: Healthy Habits


Students define the words healthy habits. They work as a class to review actions that are part of the healthy habits of taking care of teeth, keeping clean, getting enough rest, preventing sun damage, and protecting vision and hearing, and suggest additional strategies to make the practice of the habit more effective. They also discuss rewards and consequences related to the habits and complete activity sheets to summarize their learning.

Lesson Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Describe what it means to be healthy.
  2. Identify the proper steps for daily brushing and flossing teeth.
  3. Identify the benefits of personal health care practices such as washing hair and bathing regularly.
  4. Explain why sleep and rest are important for proper growth and good health.
  5. Identify ways to protect vision.
  6. Explain how hearing can be damaged by loud noise.
  7. Identify ways to protect hearing.
  8. List ways to prevent harmful effects of the sun.

SEL Connection

  • self-management

Time: 45 minutes

Healthy Behavior Outcomes

  • PHW-1: Practice appropriate hygiene habits.
  • PHW-2: Get an appropriate amount of sleep and rest.
  • PHW-3: Prevent vision and hearing loss.
  • PHW-4: Prevent damage from the sun.

National Health Education Standards

  • Standard 1: Comprehending Concepts
  • Performance Indicator 1.2.1: Identify that healthy behaviors impact personal health.
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