Supplemental Lesson on Affirmative Consent for High School

HealthSmart High School Lesson on Affirmative Consent

This HealthSmart lesson from ETR offers information and skills to help high school students understand and apply the concept of Affirmative Consent. Although currently positioned as a supplement to the HIV, STD & Pregnancy Prevention unit, it could also be taught as part of the Abstinence, Personal & Sexual Health unit, or within the Emotional & Mental Health unit as part of lessons on healthy relationships.

HS Supplemental Lesson: Understanding Affirmative Consent

There is a corresponding lesson in the HealthSmart Middle School program for younger youth. 

HealthSmart is ETR's comprehensive K–12 health education program. The ultimate goal of the HealthSmart program is to promote the healthy growth and development of youth and give them the knowledge and skills to make healthy choices and establish life-long healthy behaviors. Schools can teach the comprehensive program, or select only the grades and/or subjects they need. To learn more about HealthSmart, watch this video overview of the program.

Teaching Guide on Affirmative Consent

ETR also offers a teaching guide on Teaching Affirmative Consent that includes a similar sample lesson plan, along with background for educators, and specific suggestions for integrating discussions about consent into existing evidence-based curricula and other sexual health programs.