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K–12 Health Education That Works!

From the Author

The videos and articles below provide an explanation of some of the features in HealthSmart and the theory behind the curriculum. I hope you enjoy learning about this exciting program.

—Dr. Susan K. Telljohann, HSD, CHES

Why HealthSmart?

Susan explains how the detailed lesson plans, student materials, assessment tools and standards alignment allow teachers to spend more time teaching and less time planning.

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Understanding the HealthSmart Approach to Health Education

HealthSmart - What makes it work

Susan shares the theoretical model used to develop the curriculum which focuses on adopting healthy attitudes, establishing healthy norms, and practicing healthy behaviors.

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Putting Health Ed Research into Action

Teaching Knowledge and Skills

Customizing HealthSmart

Learn how you can customize the program based on how much time you have and which healthy behavior outcomes are most important to you.

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Supercharge Your HealthSmart Lessons

Susan shares three tips that can help educators supercharge their classroom lessons.