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K–12 Health Education That Works!
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For Teachers & Administrators

HealthSmart is flexible!

In uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, you want a program that can quickly adapt to changing circumstances. HealthSmart comes in different formats to meet your needs.

Teachers—Lessons work in the classroom or online

The lessons are available in both print and digital formats. Review and teach the lessons from your copy of the print edition book, or access the lessons online with a digital edition subscription.

Online lessons link directly to slides, keys, masters, scoring rubrics and other teacher materials. Print edition users can access these teacher materials online.

The PowerPoint slides used to present key concepts, prompt discussion and guide group activities include all the notes for the lesson, making it easy to present the lesson in both in-person and virtual classrooms.

Student Resources

Printed student workbooks for Grade 3 through High School provide students with all of the activity sheets used in the program. Having their own printed and bound workbooks can help ensure student engagement and provide educators with a completed portfolio of student work for review and assessment.

A digital student license allows the educator access to a predetermined number of copies of the student activity sheets. Digital activity sheets are provided as fillable PDFs that can be printed out or downloaded for students to fill out on a chromebook or laptop.

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Administrators—Mix and match to meet your district's goals

HealthSmart is evidence informed and meets national and state standards. Schools and districts can purchase different formats to fit their unique circumstances. For example:

  • Teachers can use the print edition teacher’s guide, and the district can purchase a digital student license to make student materials available for students to complete on a laptop at school or from home.
  • Schools or agencies may purchase the digital edition for their teachers and choose to purchase printed workbooks for students who don’t have access to technology.
  • When conducting the program remotely for students, teachers can use the PowerPoint slides, which include all the notes for the lesson, to guide discussion in the virtual classroom, while students download and complete their activity sheets from home.

ETR can provide professional development to ensure effective implementation. Please note that HealthSmart protects student information. Only teachers receive a login to the platform and no student information is collected.

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Offer critical support in difficult times

HealthSmart lessons can help you support students at all grade levels with age-appropriate content around preventing infectious disease and supporting emotional health.

  • Lessons on proper handwashing and other disease prevention strategies can help students protect themselves and their family members. 
  • Lessons on managing stress, expressing difficult emotions in healthy ways, building healthy relationships and accessing support provide a way to help meet students’ mental and emotional health needs during difficult times.
  • Take-home activities help keep families involved and engaged in their children’s health education.

Free Disease-Prevention Lessons

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