What's New

Updated Middle School Lessons Are Here!

The FLASH lessons for Middle School have been thoroughly reviewed and updated. Great new features of this 2nd edition include:

  • Online lesson platform for instant accessibility and ease of use
  • The very latest sexual health information
  • FLASH website support with useful information about the program, standards alignments and teacher resources
  • Fewer lessons to better meet teachers’ needs

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High School FLASH chosen by OAH for Rigorous Evaluation

High School FLASH was chosen by the Office of Adolescent Health to receive a grant for Rigorous Evaluation of New or Innovative Approaches to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In partnership with researchers at ETR, we will be evaluating FLASH in two geographic settings over the next 5 years to measure its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and STDs among high school age youth enrolled in public schools. Results will be reported during the 2019–2020 school year.

Standards Alignment, Assessment and More...

Both Middle School FLASH and High School FLASH lessons have been aligned to the CDC’s National Health Education Standards for Sexual Health (HECAT) and the National Sexuality Education Standards, and each lesson now contains assessments based on those standards. The lessons now contain a summary and timed table of activities, as well as warm-ups and exit tickets for each lesson.