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2019 Teen Pregnancy Prevention FOA

New Guidelines for Eligible Programs

The current FOA provides new guidelines for eligible programs and require applicants to submit documentation that demonstrates these criteria have been met. Specifically, the FOA indicates that programs must meet the following criteria (FOA page 12):

  • Program proven effective through rigorous evaluation [definition on page 11] to reduce teenage pregnancy, behavioral risk factors underlying teenage pregnancy, or associated risks (specifically sexual activity or other sexual risk behaviors)
  • Research that demonstrated a statistically significant positive behavioral impact
  • Peer reviewed research that may be present in either published or grey literature
  • Research must be conducted by an independent evaluator who is neither part of the publishing team, nor an author of the curriculum chosen.
  • Research report must be no older than ten years

As a result of these criteria, our understanding is that ETR distributes two eligible programs: Get Real Middle School and Reducing the Risk. All other ETR-distributed programs currently do not meet one or more of the above criteria.

We can provide the required research citations for Get Real and RTR, as well as an MOU, if you choose to move forward with one of these programs in your application.

To determine other eligible programs, we suggest you review the information on the ASPE Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review website which outlines research for programs previously eligible under OAH Tier 1 funding. Please note that research on this site was last updated in Winter 2017 and that additional research may have been published since their last update.

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