Loan Information

Requests to borrow the TSI SidePak are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please make your request at least three to four weeks in advance of the date you need the monitor. To borrow a unit, please complete the following forms:

Fax or email both completed forms to Crystal Simpson at

The borrower is responsible for paying all shipping costs related to loaning the TSI SidePak from CCAP. Borrowers’ other responsibilities include:

  1. Returning the monitor to CCAP on or before the agreed upon due date.
  2. Shipping the equipment in appropriate protective packaging; notify CCAP of any damage that does occur.
  3. Incurring all costs of the return shipment to CCAP, via a traceable carrier; monitor must be insured for $1500.00.
  4. Providing CCAP with the replacement cost of the monitor if it is lost or damaged while in the borrower’s possession.