SidePak Particle Monitors

CCAP will conduct air monitoring in tribal casinos in collaboration with tribal casino management. Neil Klepeis, Ph. D., is a staff member on this project and will conduct air monitoring in tribal casinos as related to CCAP’s scope of work. The general activities Dr. Klepeis will be overseeing include:

  • Provide in-person training and written or web-based training materials on the field monitoring of Secondhand Smoke using the TSI SidePak particle monitor
  • Provide in-person and written or web-based training in analysis of real-time particle monitoring data.
  • Perform Particle monitoring in casinos, including:
    • Working with members of the community to monitor secondhand smoke in local casinos
    • Packaging data for feedback to owners, employees, policy makers, and the public
    • Training others in techniques for monitoring in casinos

Instructional Videos
Demonstration videos showing how to use the Side Pak monitors are available at the Instructional Videos page.

Side Pak Loan Information
View this information if you are interested in participating in the Side Pak Loan program, or click here for SidePak Air Monitoring Protocol information.