Video Picks - October 2014

Video Picks - October 2014

By ETR | October 17, 2014

Why is this child holding his breath? What are men really saying when they catcall women? And what does compassion in action look like in a group of Canadian fourth graders? Check out some of our favorite videos of the past month.

The Breath-Holder

Why is this child holding his breath? The Cancer Society of Finland helps make it all clear. Charming and powerful.

When Cats Are Calling

Catcalling, translated. BuzzFeed put together a pretty darn funny video about what men who engage in catcalling are really saying to women. This is an interesting contribution to many recent conversations about sexual violence and the objectification of women.

Children and Compassion: Touching the Heart

Children’s compassion in action. Children are naturally compassionate and look for opportunities to express this through action. Here’s a wonderful video about a school that stepped up to help one of their own, and the group of students who got back more than they gave.


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