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Video Picks - January 2014

Video Picks - January 2014

By ETR | January 13, 2014

Here are our choices for this month's videos and media that have gotten us to take a look. Watch the broccoli vs. kale smackdown. Learn more about Americans' involvement with video culture. Check out the amazing infographics produced by Information is Beautiful. 


Smackdown: Broccoli vs. Kale

How would you promote healthy food? Michael Moss of the New York Times worked with ad agency Victors & Spoils to come up with a brilliant campaign for broccoli. We’re just sorry that it was an intellectual exercise, not a true campaign. Fun and enlightening. Watch. >>

The Video on Video Culture

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has completed a report on Americans’ use of online video. Learn more by—you guessed it!—watching an online video. If your attention span lasts more than two minutes, you can also read their full report. Watch. >> (Look for the video link in the column on the right.)

Infographics Keep Making Complexity Clear

We love the power of the infographics being done by Information is Beautiful, and these two will make you see health information in completely new ways.

Influ-Venn-Za is a Venn diagram that actually offers meaningful information about who can catch which strain of the flu. Look. >>

20th Century Death is filled with heart breaking shockers. Murder and suicide caused more death than war. HIV/AIDS surpassed only rabies in number of deaths, dwarfed by measles, diarrhea, smallpox, malaria and respiratory illness. Explore and find your own surprises (double click the screen to enlarge). Look. >>

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