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Sexuality Education, Seventh Edition: Now That's a Powerful Book!

Sexuality Education, Seventh Edition: Now That's a Powerful Book!

By ETR | August 23, 2018

Most books, even textbooks, don’t make it to a seventh edition. This one did. What’s so special about ETR’s new offering, Sexuality Education: Theory and Practice?

  • The topic is as essential today as it has ever been. Both adults and young people continue to need education about sexuality. Sexuality educators continue to need guidance and updating.
  • It strikes a critical balance between what’s new and what’s known. Leading edge information joins up with proven instructional strategies to boost the effectiveness of sexuality education today.
  • It’s an outstanding publication by top experts in the field.

ETR is proud and honored to offer this impressive new edition—a resource designed to be useful to new instructors and seasoned educators alike. Learn more (and see some of the high praise from well-known experts) at our store.

Authors Dr. Clint Bruess and Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder will be contributing a series of posts to ETR’s blog in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to hearing from them.




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