Facilitation Quick Tips: Pocket Talk

Facilitation Quick Tips: Pocket Talk

By Debra Christopher, MSM / June 12, 2014

If you deliver trainings or presentations, the tips in this ongoing column can help make your trainings more dynamic, engaging and effective. Try them and let us know what you think! This month, learn about "Pocket Talk."


Pocket Talk

Title: Pocket Talk
Purpose: Introductions; community/team building; “priming” for the content of the workshop
Best Used: At beginning of workshop or training session

  1. Ask participants to select an item from a pocket, wallet, backpack or purse. Tell them they will be using this item to introduce themselves.
  2. Give participants the following structure to use for their introduction.
  3. My name is ________________ and I am from ________________. I chose this (name of object) because ________________.
  4. Offer examples. You can introduce yourself to the group using an item from your own pocket or purse, or use one of the examples below.


“My name is Shira and I’m from Los Angeles. I chose this nail file because I like challenges and smoothing out the rough edges.”

“Good morning. I am José and I come from Newark. I chose this receipt for gasoline because I am all fueled up and ready to learn!”


Ask participants to describe how the item they chose is similar to the content being presented, or how it is like a challenge being addressed in the workshop.

Debra Christopher, MSM, is Director of Professional and Organizational Development Services at ETR. Contact her at debra.christopher@etr.org.


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