Impact for Change: ETR's Training & Technical Assistance for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Impact for Change: ETR's Training & Technical Assistance for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

By Annika Shore, MPH, & Amy Peterson, MSc | March 16, 2015
Professional Development Consultant, ETR & Project Coordinator, ETR

A well-designed professional development (PD) plan (training, technical assistance, ongoing support) provides the foundation for program tranformation and impact! In fact, our organization, founded 35 years ago, began with a training grant for teen pregnancy prevention programs.


While we have expanded into other areas since then, PD remains a fundamental component of ETR’s work. It’s one of the most important ways we support our clients and maintain our own culture of continuous learning.

It Gets Better

We are dedicated to improving the lives of young people by helping educators and health professionals increase their capacity to deliver relevant and impactful programs. Because we believe wholeheartedly in continuous improvement, we’ve been working to innovate and elevate our training and TA processes. We’ve identified a more powerful approach to support effective implementation and increase program impact in communities across the country. This is great news for organizations interested in the current round of OAH funding.

Yes, We’re Different

What makes ETR’s Professional Learning Services different?

  • Rigorous. We develop and conduct rigorous trainings. We have high expectations of learners.
  • Brain-based. Our PD strategies are based on current findings in cognitive and neuroscience. The science related to how adults learn is infused into all ETR training designs.
  • Tailored. Motivation is an essential component of learning, so all of our PD offerings start with a pre-assessment. This helps us tailor our training agendas to meet the unique needs of each particular group.
  • Based on partnerships. We see our clients as change agents and partners in the learning process. We learn from each other as we move forward to promote effective programs.
  • Flexible. Whether you are new to teen pregnancy prevention or have been in the field for 30 years, we offer a range of aligned services intended to support your work when and where you need it.

There’s Something Here for You

A multidisciplinary team of ETR’s experts—researchers, trainers, TA specialists, program developers and disseminators—put together our Program Success Framework. This five-stage model walks you through steps that can help you create and run effective, sustainable programs that help young people thrive!

One of the exciting (free) tools offered as part of the framework is the Program Success Planning Tool. This simple-to-use assessment allows you to identify training or TA needs that can strengthen your program at each stage of the framework. This means that, even if you’re not sure what your needs are at the moment, you can use the tool to determine appropriate directions for your program.

Another great tool is the Training & TA Budget Calculator. We developed this tool expressly so applicants for OAH or other funding could calculate and plan training and TA resources over the course of the grant period.

We Want This to Work!

ETR is an organization that is passionate about adolescent health and program success. We are excited about the prospects of this upcoming round of funding and the positive impacts it will have on teen pregnancy prevention and the well-being of young people.

We hope you’ll take a look at all of the tools and resources at our Program Success Center. Let us know what you think, how you’re using the tools, and whether there is anything else you’d like to see here in the future.

Annika Shore, MPH,serves as a professional development consultant with ETR. In that role, she provides support on all aspects of ETR’s professional learning services. You can reach her at

Amy Peterson, MSc, is a project coordinator and professional development specialist at ETR, where she helped coordinate an agency-wide initiative to implement research-based professional learning practices. Contact her at



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