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Condoms Get Just a Little More Cool

Condoms Get Just a Little More Cool

By ETR | July 23, 2015

We’re excited to introduce three new designs in our popular condom holder series. If you distribute condoms through your clinic or program, you can now wrap them up in a packet that promotes a great health message.

They make it clear that affirmative consent—yes means yes—is sexy!


They promote three smart steps to fabulous, safe sex: communication (check), consent (check), and condom (check).



And they encourage condom users to carry those jimmy hats with pride!

These handy pocket-sized packets can hold a condom or two, or even a condom and a single-use lube pack. Clear instructions on condom use are printed on the inside, and a QR code on the back links to our free “How to Use a Condom” video.

What better way to make carrying condoms stylish, fun and the epitome of cool!

See more of ETR’s safer sex and health promotion products at our online store. Read more about affirmative consent here and here

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