Wow! New "Female" Condom Holders

Wow! New "Female" Condom Holders

By ETR | January 17, 2017

ETR’s condom holders have consistently been one of our most popular products. They have colorful designs on the outside and instructions for condom use on the inside. We’ve just introduced a new one designed to hold an internal or “female” condom.

That’s a WOW indeed! When first introduced, this style of condom seemed strange. They were expensive and some users complained about noises that were anything but sexy (“squeak,” “squish” or a sort of “phttt”).

Revamped and Better

Today’s revamped internal condom, the FC2, is more reasonably priced. The condoms have less trouble with noise. They’re made of nitrile rather than latex, and some people like the way they warm up to body temp. There are lots of other good reasons to consider internal condoms.

All of our condom holders are great for promoting safer sex at health fairs and other events. They offer people an easy, playful way to carry condoms wherever they go. This is a fine way to stay safe and have fun!


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