Getting Ready to Climb Again: Here Comes the Kirby Summit

Getting Ready to Climb Again: Here Comes the Kirby Summit

By ETR | May 15, 2017

Later this week, ETR will be hosting Year 2 of the Kirby Summit. This extraordinary event brings together national experts in adolescent development, developmental neuroscience and sexual and reproductive health.

Last year’s goal was to explore the unique intersection between these fields and discover new ways to understand sexual health and risk for adolescents. The 2016 Summit was exciting and challenging. We consider it a great success.

This year, the group will continue to explore adolescent neuroscience and sexual health with an emphasis on how to apply what we have learned.

Get Ready!

If you didn’t have a chance to read about the Summit experience last year, take a few minutes to look over Dr. Karin Coyle’s blog post describing the meeting’s essential take-home messages. If you’d like to skip directly to the formal report on the Summit, you can find it here.

We have a page at our website that gives more background and includes links to posts by some of the Kirby Summit participants (click on “See more Kirby Summit news” near the bottom of the page). You’ll find some excellent information here on what developmental neuroscience tells us about adolescent relationships and sexual behaviors.

Look for upcoming posts and a new report from the 2017 Summit later this year.


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