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Customer Service: A Point of Pride at ETR

Customer Service: A Point of Pride at ETR

By Karrie Bobby | August 2, 2018
Customer Service Representative, ETR

Thinking about calling ETR? You might talk to me. I’m one of the voices behind ETR’s Customer Service Department. The other day, a customer said I had a soothing voice. That was nice to hear.

Most of the people who call us are ready to place an order, but some have questions about our products or how to set up their order. Our team knows our products well, and sometimes we still have to do a little research to get someone the answers they need. We always follow through on that.

I’m a shy person, but I’m always the first to introduce myself to a stranger. I like people to feel comfortable and I like having genuine connections with people, whether they’re my family, my friends or our customers. When I talk to customers, I try to let a smile come through in my voice. I think that makes the entire process easier for both of us.

I’ve worked in ETR’s Customer Service Department over a couple of periods in my life. I first started on April 16, 2002. I came back to work here on April 16, 2018. What are the possibilities of that?

Today’s ETR is definitely new and different. That’s something you see when you work in customer service. We have a lot more products. We have digital products like the digital version of HealthSmart. The Customer Service team has a lot more responsibility these days. Like a lot of non-profits, we’ve had to re-tool our workflow and become more efficient.

This place—ETR—is special to my heart. I’m moved by the effect we have on our customers, by the great work we do, and by the ways we collaborate with individuals and programs to bring this education to communities all across the nation.

Karrie Bobby is one of ETR’s stellar Customer Service representatives. You may hear her voice if you give us a call (1-800-321-4407).




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