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Nyasha Evans, MEd

Nyasha Evans

Project Coordinator II

(831) 440-2295


Nyasha is currently serving as Project Coordinator II for the HEARTS program, where she supports schools across the US on their journey to becoming trauma informed.

Being born, raised, and educated in Ithaca New York, Nyasha's passion for advocacy started at a very young age, and has greatly inspired her journey thus far. Nyasha received her Bachelors of Science in Public and Community Health, which led to a deep fascination with analyzing and critiquing our social systems. After joining the Teach For America, Nyasha had the honor of teaching and learning from students in Charleston, South Carolina for over five years. After receiving her M.Ed. in Academic Accommodation, she served as Dean of Student Support to ensure that students were not only receiving a quality and equitable education, but also being served from a holistic and restorative approach.

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