Heather Franks, MA

Heather Franks

Research Associate II

831-438-4060, x187


Heather M. Franks, MA, joined the Research Department of ETR in 2005.  In her role as Research Associate, she serves as the data manager and analyst on several projects ranging from program evaluation of school-based health programs to intervention studies with experimental design. For these projects, she has conducted longitudinal, multi-level analysis including repeated measures, latent growth curve modeling and mediation analyses. She also has conducted both multivariate and bivariate analyses on cross-sectional data for psychometric, comparative, predictive and descriptive purposes.

Ms. Franks serves as project manager for various SFUSD School Health Programs Department evaluation projects and for the San Francisco Wellness Initiative Evaluation. She has assumed a lead role in conception, design and management of several on-line data collection systems for service providers for many SFUSD programs.

Ms. Franks received her MA in psychology from San Diego State University. The program was a research-and-theory-oriented master’s program in psychopathology and health psychology. She worked on numerous projects concerned with coping with chronic illness, social support systems and behavioral change related to health and wellness. She currently volunteers as a Grief Support Counselor for Hospice of Santa Cruz County.

Current Projects

  • SFUSD - School Health Programs Department Evaluation Project
  • Metta Fund WISH
  • Middle School Relationships


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