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ETR can support your organization or project in numerous ways to best fulfill your goals. Whether you need short-term capacity-building assistance, customized trainings, program evaluations, full-scale research projects, technical assistance clearinghouses, or high-quality print and digital resources, we can help. Please review our core competencies to learn more about our areas of expertise.

ETR's multidisciplinary teams are committed to the highest standards of quality in their respective fields.

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Responsive Generation of Intrinsically Motivating Scenarios

Responsive Generation of Intrinsically Motivating Scenarios

Video games are intrinsically motivating—they capture the increasing amounts of peoples’ time and focus. This project aims to design and test new interactive experiences that leverage the intrinsic motivation of video games by dynamically combining gameplay and narrative. To this end, the team at UC Santa Cruz aims to develop the first successful scenario generator, and use it to create a game on climate change. The ETR team will study the effects of narrative and gameplay responsiveness and variation on user experience, particularly engagement, motivation, and learning.

Student Perspectives of the Community College Pathway to a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree: Challenges to and Strategies for Navigating Transfer

Student Perspectives of the Community College Pathway to a Computer Science Degree

The study aimed to understand the experiences and backgrounds of traditionally underrepresented students taking computer science classes in order to inform strategies to increase support and help students overcome barriers to persisting in CS.

Tecnología-Educación-Comunidad (TEC)

Tecnología-Educación-Comunidad (TEC)

ETR helped to bridge the “digital career divide” for youth in rural communities through a community- and school-based program offering technology career pathways for girls and boys from grades 5 through 12. In addition to youth programming, TEC built the capacity of the families of the youth and the community to create a supportive network that encouraged youth to pursue technology interests and careers.

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