Smoke-Free Viejas Resort and Hotel Earn California Clear Air Award

On March 21, 2013, the California Clear Air Project (CCAP), a statewide project of ETR Associates, presented a California Clean Air Award at the grand opening of the new Viejas Resort & Hotel in San Diego, California. The award was given to the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians in recognition of their policy to open the new Viejas Resort & Hotel completely smoke free. San Diego County has the highest concentration of Indian casinos in the United States, with nine gaming venues. As sovereign nations, Indian casino resorts are not required to comply with California's smoke-free workplace laws.
"Viejas stands out as a business and community leader because they offer guests a completely smoke-free resort hotel. As a sovereign Nation, the Viejas Band has made a voluntary decision toward providing a healthier indoor hospitality and entertainment environment for all," said Narinder Dhaliwal, CCAP's Project Director.

About CCAP: CCAP (California's Clean Air Project) assists tribal casinos in California to voluntarily develop and adopt smoke-free policies. We also work with leaders and policymakers at the county level in their work with tribal organizations. The goal of all our work is to ensure a smoke-free workplace for casino workers and a smoke-free gaming environment for the gaming public.

For more information about CCAP, please contact Narinder Dhaliwal at or 916-642-1186.

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