Publishing Division Launches New Line of Condom Kits with Instructional Videos

ETR Associates' Publishing Division recently launched a new line of Condom Kits that include a scannable QR code that allows users to watch a short instructional video on a smartphone. The videos, produced by ETR Associates' award-winning video production team, were developed to provide a short and enjoyable visual reference with instructions on simple and safe condom usage. People will be able to choose from 3 instructional videos: How to Use a Condom, How to Put a Condom on a Partner, and How to Use a Condom (Spanish). The Condom Kits come in three contemporary, fun and discreet designs: Fireworks, Tattoo or Girl. Each one offers easy-to follow print instructions for using a condom, along with the QR code for watching the video. Condom Kits are available with 1 condom, 2 condoms, or 1 condom and a single-use lube packet. Free package customization, including an organization's logo and other information, is available when 1,000 or more kits are purchased.

Watch ETR Associates' condom instruction videos. See more information on the Condom Kits product line.

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