"I Tried To Stop Them": Children’s Exposure To Domestic Violence In San Francisco

by John Shields, Ph.D.

Dr. John Shields (ETR's Research Department) found that children's exposure to domestic violence in San Francisco is more common than previously thought. In cooperation with the SafeStart Initiative, Shields' new study estimates that between 11,000 and 16,500 children living in San Francisco are exposed to domestic violence each year. The study is based on the review of over 3,000 felony investigation files and the analysis of several years of administrative data from the San Francisco Police Department's Domestic Violence Response and Crime Analysis units.

"Children are often present during these violent incidents," Shields said, "which can result in serious psychological and developmental consequences." He asserts a broader community response is needed if children are to be protected.

The report has gained considerable attention from San Francisco courts, law enforcement, and local politicians. For a free copy of the report, please email: johns@etr.org.

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